We also specialize in repair kite, kitesurfing and so far we have repair many of them. The WindSports provides a comprehensive service for kite repairs of any kind.

Always proceed with care, precision and we are also try to be accurate and in our times. Our experience, our skills and our specialized sewing machines allow us to settle and repair kites fiber-to-fiber. A repair of your kite from WindSports means no loss of performance. We pay great attention to detail for a very good price.

The repairs are reliable and durable so that there is no difference in their characteristics.
Please contact us for price, if you send us an e-mail to include a photo of the damage and will give you a price.

If you are not sure about the serviceability of the eagle, simply send us in our email some pictures showing the damage and we let you know.

If the eagle was in good condition before the damage is almost certainly worth repairing