Windsurfing Sail Repairs is really what we call our specialty, we know the value of having a local sailmaker in Loutsa area, available when such accidents occur.


Our goal is to complete any repairs sails as soon as possible because we understand that you want to get them back and put directly into water.

We can repair all kinds of windsurfing sails, wave sails to slalom-formula sails and that's because of the perfect choice long arm sewing machine we've made, specialized for sailmaking. For us no job is too big or too small.

Using the materials correctly is only half the skill of the sailmaker the other half consists of the sailmaker's We are always aware of the aesthetics of the sail and we endeavour to preserve the overall look of the sail We can repair any amount of damage. The only time we will decline to repair your sail is if it is badly damaged by UV light. We would rather advise you to save your money than take your money and repair a sail when the repair will be pointless. But even in this case the choice is yours!

On the other as for your windsurfing boards George is your man, is doing a great job and he also takes great pride that the last sample result of work comes as close as possible to its original condition.

At this point I would like to thank the resourceful teacher and friend Odysseus for his valuable assistance and expertise gave us and inform people who supported him all these years that eventually found its way to the coveted Ithaca.